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Architectural Services  -  Planning Permissions  -  Project Management -  Overseeing -  Paperwork
for Renovations and New Builds 

We handle all tedious procedures and give you the pleasure of seeing your project materialise while you relax.

Architectural Plans:
We work closely with local architects so that your plans are completed as per your requirements.  We also undertake changes to existing plans at competitive prices.

Before: lounge   Before: lounge   After: lounge      Planning Permissions:
We visit the person in charge of your geographical sector in order to obtain a pre-approval.  If your dossier is incomplete, we also undertake the various changes required prior to submitting the dossier.  We liaise with the various authorities involved in order to obtain permission at a quicker pace.

Before: kitchen   After: kitchen   After: kitchen            Project Management:
We obtain quotes from our team of highly qualified local and registered tradesmen at competitive prices.  We employ them because they know Breton properties like no other.  They make sure that the French/ European norms are respected and besides, it really helps you to integrate better within the local community.   Apart from translating tradesmen quotes, we also prepare comparative charts for you.  We organise the starting and completion dates and ensure that they are respected.

Before: dining/mezannine Before: dining/ mezannine After: dining/ mezannine After: dining room Overseeing:  We make regular visits to your property and send you frequent briefings with photographs.  We also undertake regular site meetings with tradesmen so that your project moves smoothly and efficiently.

   Before: lounge     After: lounge                  Paperwork:
We handle all your paperwork from start to finish.  This includes all administrative formalities relating to Planning Permissions, payments to tradesmen and budget controls.  We keep a check on all payments, ensure that the invoices match the quotations and forward you copies of all documents on a regular basis.

 No job is too small.  Do join our list of satisfied customers.  

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