Comprehensive Relocation, Translation, Interpreting,                            Project Management & General Services

(based in Brittany, France, but also near to Loire Atlantique)

If you are living or planning to live or invest in Brittany, France,
you are liable to encounter various problems in your daily life, especially if the command of your spoken or written French is not quite up to the mark.  This is where we can help you.  Our aim is to make your transition into France pleasant and problem free.
We offer  services ranging from prospecti
ng to managing your home or business, as well as translation and interpreting services.  We are conversant with the French administrative system and can assist you with all formalities.

Why choose us?

With over 20 years of experience in the relocation/ human resources, translation, interpreting and top secretarial fields in Paris and Singapore, I have worked for internationally renowned banks and companies, government entities and publishing houses.  My mother tongue is English and having been an expatriate myself, I understand your requirements and can advise and handle all your tedious tasks.  We help you to integrate smoothly and to make Brittany your home.

Relocation, Interpreting, Project Management & General services:
include property searching, assistance in drafting sales agreements and inheritance matters with notaries and solicitors, assistance in banking and consumer matters, interpreting and  liaising for you during meetings with notaries and local authorities to help both parties understand each other clearly, subscribing to utilities, health and insurance policies, undertaking all your administrative work, putting you in touch with English-speaking specialists like gardeners and tradesmen, obtaining quotes for your renovation projects, project managing on your behalf and generally doing our best to make you feel at home.

French and English translations, including certified translations:
My associates and I are qualified and have the required experience to translate into our mother tongues.
We cover the most varied fields from legal, commercial, financial, computer, as well as tourism and culture.
We ensure a fast and efficient service.

A translator or an interpreter is not just someone who is fluent in both languages.  Likewise, we do not teach French or English, but can refer you to qualified teachers.  In the same vein, if we are unable to undertake specific tasks, we can refer you to specialists and even liaise with them on your behalf.  We have the contacts.

Administrative/ Secretarial services:
As a former Human Resources Officer and Executive Bilingual Assistant, I am qualified to undertake all your administrative and secretarial needs.  

We are efficient and offer quality services at competitive prices.  No job is too small.  If you are interested, please contact me for further information, references or for a customised quote.  Relax while saving time and money.  We'll do all your tedious work!

Mrs. Aiesha Bonneau
3 La Gras, 56350 St Vincent sur Oust, Morbihan, France
Tel:  (33)
9 91 74 32


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